So after having a shit gender day I put on a dress and am now painting my nails and watching grey’s. No one but tumblr and my roommates will see the dress but fuck it I feel better.
Thanks for all the love and support bbs

  1. ussglowcloud said: You are fabu.
  2. the-consulting-dominatrix said: It is a strechy dress! And you have boobs! I have stated the obvious.
  3. babydollallthetime said: You look stunning :) x
  4. consulting-assassin said: Dammit you can rock any type of clothing, STOP IT WITH YOUR FLAWLESSNESS
  5. cordeliafoxxy said: I like your everything. That is all.
  6. nillawiffle said: Love that dress!!!! Wish I had a bra that would allow me to wear something like that. You look fabu. Love you sweetie.
  7. ladybols said: pretty <333
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