the current frontier
dax is

watching: the next generation
reading: the deed of paksenarrion
crying over: orange is the new black, season 2
and mustering the courage to watch: orphan black, season 2

give me hd screencaps and au fanfic or give me death
the untold want
daxton. 21. genderqueer (they/them/theirs). canadian.
im all about comfort food and comfortable sweaters
hot middle aged women are my life.

also i post a lot of selfies

galinareznikov replied to your post: i feel kinda dirty rn…. ( gracefullycl…

u exactly where u wanna be tho don’t lie


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i feel kinda dirty rn….

( gracefullyclumsy galinareznikov queenology i feel like y’all would appreciate this)

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two toned hair like woah

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why Canadian milk is best milk

somebody just reblogged this so i figured i should bring it back.

because same tho

just remembered that there is a video of me on the internet realllly drunkenly singing stay with me karaoke

and that is why you should be friends with me

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if checking how people tagged your edits isn’t your favorite thing, you’re lying

Title: Waterfalls
Artist: TLC

Boy, are you gonna be sorry if that’s true.