Logic is the cement of our civilization, with which we ascend from chaos, using reason as our guide.

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i always forget how much a shitshow grey’s is until i watch it again

i love how the 10 main characters are busy and grey’s anatomy acts like there aren’t any doctors left in the hospital

perhaps the good ones never get them

wow this episode makes me want to lay down and cry and never get up again

ugh god i just want callie to be happy and less angry and just babyyyyyyyy

jetpack-johnny: wonder woman is an egalitarian, she believes men and women are equal. she was a feminist in the beginning when she was trapped on an island filled with man haters who never got to know men. feminism has never had anything to do with equality and you should stop forcing your hate group on others. it's dying out anyway and we're getting close to true equality because of it

a few things here, first if she’s an egalitarian she would not be down with the patriarchy though? there’s a difference between men as people and the systematically destructive force of institutional patriarchy. furthermore asks like this pretty much just reinforce the fact that the patriarchy does in fact need smashing and lemme tell ya im pretty sure wonder woman would be glad to do so.

but mostly ummmm it’s rly cute that you think i care about your wildly inaccurate  view of feminism. the wonder woman gif i had a hand in creating is something i have absolutely no regrets about and yeah im a fucking feminist. you wanna call that a hate group? go ahead. but im on the feminism train for life. and as a genderqueer person who has to live in this cis- and heteronormative society we’ve got here imma be pulling a wonder woman and smashing the patriarchy every fucking chance i get